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ad:tech NY 2015: Getting Back to the “Why” of Marketing


adroit digital

This post appears on MediaMath's blog.

In a forever-changing industry like ad tech, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest technology, trend or shiny new toy. Much like the IT industry before it, ad tech (specifically, the evolution of programmatic) has instilled in marketers a tendency to treat the tech and methods and metrics at their disposal like an unlimited buffet—fill up the plate now and figure out if there’s an appetite later. In an acronym-laden landscape, there’s FOMO (fear of missing out, for those not in “the know”) on how the latest and greatest approaches can drive competitive advantage.

But during the first day of ad:tech NY 2015 at the Javits Center, some seasoned marketers encouraged their audiences to take a more measured approach to the ad tech they are welcoming into their brands and agencies. “Marketing is about a brand plus a brand plus a customer,” said Julie Clark. VP, Programmatic Sales at Hearst Core Audience in the session Understanding Programmatic Advertising in 50 Minutes. “Don’t get hung up on the sexy stuff.”

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